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What is Joomla and its explanation

What is Joomla? Joomla is different from Mambo. Joomla is one of the most powerful and sophisticated Open OS Content Management System (OS CMS) application management systems in the CMS class today. This is consistent with the use of the CMS user test. Which gives an assessment according to the completeness of its features. No wonder CMS Jomla makes endless news by mouth for discussion. Many CMS users are migrating or moving their choice to switch to Joomla CMS. This magic CMS is highly respected among CMS users from amateur level to professional level. The complete and sophisticated features of the Joomla CMS are exactly what CMS users want. The wishlist (wishlist) that Joomla wanted so far has come true. The dream of owning a free, open source, and sophisticated CMS has really come true in Joomla CMS.In other words, Joomla is a Contant Management System (CMS). Free Open Source written in PHP programming language and MySQL database for internet and intranet. Joomla includes many features to improve performance including page caching, web indexing, free RSS, pages for print, web side search, and internationalization support.

In addition, to create Electronic Information which is starting to develop today, a CMS (Content Management System) is needed which is used for graphic design / design, and also has creative writers to fill web pages with Mambo or Joomla, not a problem because all tools have the same function. . Even though this program uses php language, that doesn’t mean you have to understand everything about php code. For those who don’t understand HTML, Javascript, ASP, CGI, or PHP code, there’s no need to be afraid to learn them because even if they don’t know about these codes, people can quickly build the web with some very complex features that are networked together. local or broad (internet).

A CMS is computer software that facilitates the creation of collaborative and collaborative documentation or content. CMS is often defined as a Web Application for managing websites and web content. Meanwhile, for editing and creating articles including client-specific software, it can also be used to store company documents, especially such as operator manuals, technical manuals, sales guides and so on. CMS solutions are widely available in open source form free from extortion by a wider range of techniques.

Why Joomla? Why not Jumilah or Juminten? Joomla comes from the word Jumla which means together or for all. If the author defines it as something that can be shared, everyone, all layers, all countries, all countries can use the Joomla CMS together. Joomla is now entering the community area. Joomla becomes a trademark or brand image, that the open source world can develop properly and perfectly. Joomla is owned by everyone which can be used to develop based on their abilities and skills to contribute to the development of the site project. Everyone has the right to know and use Joomla. Everyone also has the right to tamper with Joomla. In fact, everyone has the same opportunity to develop this Joomla project.So that Joomla belongs to people, communities and communities.

Historically, Joomla was a small part of the core Mambo team. This core Open Source support team joins a group called Open Source Matters (OSM). Through OSM, Joomla left Mambo. From Joomla there are also many improvements or changes that Mambo has launched in Joomla. Joomla also complements its complete security. Some of the weaknesses that have been refined are:

  1. Fixed flaws in the phpMailer class.
  2. Patched a flaw in the activation feature which contained open spaces to attack with SQL injection. 
  3. Fixed defects in the polling component (polling component).
  4. Increase mass mailing that is open to spam.

There are 3 basic things that need to be in there to build Joomla:

1. PHP

PHP (Personal Homepage) or better known as Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side programming or scripting language. The results of coding or creating PHP syntax or program code will be executed by the web server and then sent in HTML to the browser client. PHP code cannot be seen by visitors, but HTML code which is the result of PHP code execution that can be seen by visitors. To convert PHP code into HTML code also requires an application which is a PHP Engine. The PHP engine will be used in conjunction with a web server application.

2. DataBase

Apart from using PHP programming or scripting languages, Joomla! also created using the MySQL database. This database will be used to house Joomla! Data. your properties, such as users, passwords, and other data. If you want to download the MySQL application, you can go to or click here.

3. Web server

PHP and database are two basic things that must be in building Joomla !, but the most important part that must be in a website is a web server, because it functions as a control center for website data processing. So the input made by internet users will be processed and then returned to the user. One web server that is currently widely used is Apache, because it supports many file server formats without the need for additional application components. What’s more, Joomla! will function fine when using Apache web server. If you want to download a web server application, you can go to

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