What is News Magazine’s News Website

A website is a collection of information in the form of electronic pages or web pages. Websites are generally linked to a specific bookmark address. Bookmark addresses are called domains, for example. evomaya.com, google.com or facebook.com.

A news website generally consists of text, images, tables, graphics, quotes, videos, music, and other visual formats that are of interest to website visitors. This website is usually publicly accessible.

Most websites can be accessed via public internet protocol (IP) on the internet network. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that the website is accessed offline via a LAN network.

Websites can be personal, commercial, governmental and other websites that are created for public profit or non-profit. Apart from that, websites can also be created for special purposes such as for example entertainment, education, social interests, and also for media or news purposes.

What is a News Website

The main benefit of a website is that it spreads information through the digital world. With the digital world that can be accessed through the internet, the flow of information exchange can be carried out internationally and is not limited by restrictions on space.

Through news websites, people all over the world can exchange the latest information so as not to miss the skyrocketing developments in technology, culture, and science around the world.

Now, apart from being a medium for exchanging information, a website can also be a medium for promotion and business development. Apart from that, this website is also used as a space for self-expression or is now known as social media.

But what is no less important is that the website can also be used as a place to find communities that match our interests. Through this website you can join, for example, communities of nature lovers, photography, programmers and freelance work sites.

What is clear is that the website provides many positive benefits if we can use it wisely and for positive purposes too, one of which is for journalistic or news purposes.

The existence of digital devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) and affordable internet access means that various groups of people can get information quickly and easily. The dissemination of information today cannot be separated from the increasing use of social media and online news media.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology stated that Indonesians use the internet more to access social media. Social media is an online application that allows users to interact, participate, collaborate, and share information.

what is news magazine s news website

News and Social Media Website

In Indonesia, social media in the form of social networks has grown massively as the source of information most accessed by the public. As it happens, any information goes viral in an instant.

With one click and share will immediately spread massively. We very often find on social media, every time positive and motivating information comes, as well as those who criticize, instigate, and corner one of the parties, often with racial nuances.

Very few users know whether the information received and then shared is fact and reality or whether false information is misleading (hoax). Even so, quite a number of users thought the information was correct and immediately shared it with others.

This situation occurs repeatedly, from one user to another, many even only read interesting, intriguing, unique, and bombastic titles without reading the entire content to click and share the next.

An interesting thing to learn is the tendency of people to only trust information disseminated through social media. Based on Yates’s research on world.edu, interactions on social media occur in the filter bubble phenomenon.

Bubble filters or in simple translation called bubble filters are the result of computational processing or algorithms on websites or social media sites that users have accessed (opened, read, such as “, retweeted, and” shared “).

Every record that has been accessed will often be displayed the next time we access the website or social media, so that users will be directed to information that suits their interests and tastes. In fact, social media users tend to choose to interact with other users who have similar interests and interests.

This has the implication of trusting information obtained from selected sources easily and liking it to be later shared with others even though it may be fake news.

The massive spread of fake news via social media is a serious problem by the Indonesian Government. The Ministry of Communication and Information by blocking websites that are indicated to spread fake news, including by working with Facebook and Twitter as social media that have the potential to spread fake news.

In fact, the people themselves have realized that what they get on social media is not completely correct information. Referring to the 2016 Telematics Society survey, 54.10% of respondents admitted that fake news can be found based on news sources, while 28.90% indicated the irregularity and oddity of the news content delivered, around 8.60% of respondents thought that the news was not in the media the masses, and 8.40% see news content as too bombastic. This condition actually shows that users are able and sensitive to recognize potential hoax news.

In combating hoaxes, the government cannot only rely on cooperation with social media provider vendors but needs to directly involve the community as social media users.

This is an important point because the government cannot reach and intervene in the Whatsapp group which is very broad and massive in its use. For this reason, literacy in the smart use of social media is important to be disseminated with varied and educational methods in various forums and involve mass media, both conventional and digital media.

A quality and interesting news website will provide a solution to the hoax problem on social media.

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