What is Premium WordPress Hosting

Have you ever heard of wordpress hosting? wordpress hosting is a hosting server that is devoted to websites that use wordpress machines.

If you think that wordpress hosting is the same as regular hosting which has wordpress installed on it then you need to keep reading our article.

WordPress hosting has the features because you don’t have to bother with maintenance. Any maintenance or technical problems will be assisted by the wordpress hosting provider. Then what are the benefits of using wordpress hosting?

What is Premium WordPress Hosting?

Did you know that wordpress is the most widely used CMS in the whole world? In fact, almost 50% of website users use wordpress.

WordPress was chosen because it is easy to use and easy to learn. No doubt, until now there are 16.4 million active wordpress users. WordPress really spoils its users.

In fact, until now WordPress has more than 26,000 plugins. But unfortunately not all of the thousands of plugins are safe to use. Because plugins are one of the loopholes that hackers can enter.

As many as 74% of website owners in Indonesia do their own maintenance. So it’s not their fault that 22% of website owners are not diligent about updating their wordpress machines. Most of them forget often and don’t have much time.

Before you switch to wordpress hosting, we will share the benefits you get if you use WordPress hosting:

1. Save money

WordPress Hosting prices are relatively the same as regular hosting prices, only around Rp.25,000 per month. Compared to the benefits, it’s clear that WordPress Hosting is more efficient for you WordPress users.

2. Control panel that makes it easy

Apart from wp-admin, you can also manage your hosting account via cPanel, Softacolous. Make sure you get full control of cPanel.

3. Can focus on other important things

Did you know that some companies that use wordpress engines for their websites are willing to hire 1 WordPress professional to maintain their WordPress?

If you use Wordpres Hosting, you no longer need a professional WordPress professional because your WordPress Hosting provider will help you with the technical side of WordPress regarding server uptime.

4. Practical

Do you feel annoyed if you have to keep your WordPress or plugin versions up to date? Now you don’t have to worry. WordPress hosting helps you get the latest version.

The above benefits can be considered when you switch to wordpress hosting. Solutions that make your business more efficient and effective both in terms of cost and effort. Now you can focus on your business operations such as marketing, sales or HR.

what is premium wordpress hosting

What do you get from WordPress Hosting?

As we all know wordpress hosting has become the perfect solution for wordpress users who don’t want to be bothered with maintenance and other maintenance issues.

What will you get if you use WordPress Hosting? The following are the interesting things that you will get from WordPress Hosting:

1. Excellence in Speed

WordPress hosting is specifically configured for WordPress so that your website will be accessed more quickly using a wordpress hosting server than a regular hosting server

2. Excellent in Security

The WordPress hosting provider has a very strict security layer that actively blocks malware and all hacking attempts.

3. Special Support and Support

The staff who will help understand WordPress too. They help you and advise against using plugins that affect performance, solve problems faster, and more.

4. Daily backup

WordPress hosting providers provide daily backups and offer restoration if you need them. All wordpress hosting at seon.co.id is equipped with a rewind daily backup server feature that stores daily backups for up to 30 days, your data is safe with us.

5. Automatic Updates

You don’t have to worry about updating your version of WordPress and plugins because our support team will process it automatically.

6. No downtime

No matter how much traffic or visits to your WordPress, wordpress hosting will definitely guarantee up to 99.97% uptime.

The Right Time to Use WordPress Hosting

Are you a WordPress user wondering when to go with WordPress hosting? If so, then you should read our explanation below.

If you are just starting a blog using WordPress, then you will have enough time to use WordPress from the hosting you purchased. Professional hosting providers should provide softacolous features that will allow you to install WordPress on your hosting account.

Regardless of your time to keep maintenance still pretty loose, the new WordPress usually doesn’t have high traffic. As long as the two conditions you can handle, WordPress installed on a regular hosting account can still meet your needs. Remember, pay attention to your hosting account provider, choose a hosting account provider that is trusted and recognized credibility.

But if you are a business owner or have a high-traffic website, then it is highly recommended that you choose WordPress hosting. Why is that? because it adapts to your needs. Let’s take a look at our review below.

Several WordPress user business owners we met said that managing WordPress requires more effort and time. It’s a little difficult for them because their priority time is to focus on sales or getting on with business.

Then they need a solution to help maintain WordPress. Yes, as we know, wordpress is simple but requires routine maintenance.

We’ve also gotten recognition from several website owners who use high-traffic WordPress. They say that high-traffic WordPress requires a lot of technical skills, even paying attention to security, updates, speed, uptime, etc.

Without serious management, your WordPress will be slow or even inaccessible. We are sure you have too and are afraid that your WordPress is in danger of slowing down and going down.

As a business owner or website owner, you have two options. You can hire an admin to manage your website, or you can use WordPress hosting.

If you already have an insight into admin capabilities and you trust in managing your WordPress, then there’s no harm in choosing it. But one solution that’s getting hot right now is WordPress hosting.

By using WordPress hosting, you will get many benefits including:

  1. Manage your WordPress with the support team of your WordPress hosting provider
  2. The server uptime guarantee will be covered by the WordPress hosting provider
  3. No need to pay more to hire 1 WordPress admin
  4. Costs include hosting and management services

If you want something that is hassle free, super fast, and fully supported, then you have the answer now. Using WordPress hosting is the solution for you, just like hundreds of other WordPress hosting users.

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