What is Pure SSD Hosting Raid 10

It is undeniable that the latest SSD (Solid State Drive) storage media technology has more advantages than traditional hard drives. Even more so when SSD storage media is used on the hosting server.

Have you ever heard of the word SSD before? Yes, many use Solid State Drive technology as storage media on Virtual Servers.

What is an SSD? How is it different from a hard drive on a computer? Every day with technological developments new things will always appear that accelerate our work, one of which is SSD technology while Traditional Hard Drive technology which has long been the standard in hosting services is increasingly being abandoned by hosting providers.

What is an SSD?

SSD (Solid State Drive) is a data storage medium that uses nonvolatile memory as a data storage medium.

SSDs do not use magnetic disks like other conventional storage media. The data stored on the SSD will not be lost even if there is no electricity.

The early 1970s SSDs were made specifically for IBM super computers, namely Amdahl and Cray. In 1995, flash memory-based SSDs were developed for use by the US military and aerospace industry as a functional replacement for conventional hard disk drives.

Furthermore, SSD technology is adapted for cloud computing and cloud hosting purposes. Our latest server uses pure SSD Raid 10 technology with the best performance in its class so that websites will be accessed much faster than regular hosting servers.

What’s the Difference between SSD and HDD

Although they are the same as data storage media, SSD and HDD have differences including:

  1. In terms of size, SSDs are much smaller and very thin compared to hard drives.
  2. In terms of access speed, SSDs get the top ranking compared to other storage media. With SSD you can make the boot process, file transfer process, search for many files, open applications 10x faster than HDD
  3. In terms of data capacity, SSD is still under the hard drive. Hard drives still have a larger storage capacity when compared to SSDs.

SSD storage media technology offers faster performance compared to traditional hard disk architectures. The main difference is that traditional hard disks use rotating disks, whereas SSDs are completely electronic with no moving parts inside.

The read and write speed of data on a traditional hard disk is affected by the speed of disk rotation. Currently the most popular drives used in data centers have a rotation speed of 7.2K, 10K, or 15K. K represents the number of thousands of revolutions per minute, for example 7.2K means the rotation speed of the disk reaches 7200 revolutions per minute. The speed of reading and writing data on the HDD depends on the rotation speed.

While SSD does not depend on moving components to read and write data. Data is written electronically to storage media as well as when data is read.

SSDs offer much faster performance than hard drives. Also because traditional hard disks rely on rotating disks, there is a greater chance of damage while SSDs offer a more durable solution.

what is pure ssd hosting raid 10

What are the advantages of SSD compared to HDD

After knowing what SSD is and how it differs from HDD, then we will discuss what are the advantages of SSD compared to HDD. Some of the advantages include.

1. Faster performance

As mentioned above, SSDs offer much faster performance than HDDs which will result in website loading speeds like lightning or blazing speeds.

2. Delivering a better User Experience

If the website is getting faster, of course visitors will like our website more and more because visitors don’t like to wait long to open the website.

3. Good for SEO

Websites quickly favored by search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. A website that is quickly accessed will have a higher probability of being on the first page of Google search results.

4. Much Better Data Processing Performance

If you are familiar with website hosting services that use traditional hard drives, of course you might be satisfied, then what about website hosting services that use SSD storage?

Web Hosting services that use SSD storage, let alone Pure SSD Raid 10, will of course be much better than traditional hard drives, because in terms of data processing, pure SSD servers are certainly better and faster in performance and data maintenance. Of course this will affect the loading of your website later.

5. Friendly to the environment

If you think that storage media cannot have a big influence on your environmental friendliness, you are wrong, the reason is that storage media consumes a lot of power.

But this can be overcome a little by using an SSD (Solid State Drive). SSD power consumption is of course very low. From the information we get, SSDs can save up to 60 percent less power than traditional hard drives.

SSD uses only 2-3 watts of power while HDD uses 6-7 watts to operate for 30 minutes

6. The performance is far more maximal than HDD

Of course, the most inevitable thing from the emergence of new technology or innovation is the resulting increase in performance, as well as the technological leap to Solid State Drive.

SSD performance is of course much faster than ordinary HDDs, some references even claim SSD use can accelerate up to 100 times in readable data.

The only drawback of SSDs compared to HDDs is that they are at a much higher selling price and smaller capacity at the same price range. But it all compensates for the increased performance and processing speed you get.

For the high price of SSDs, it may no longer be a taboo matter because this storage media is still known to be very exclusive, especially in Indonesia, of course, at a price that is arguably quite expensive, the storage media that you have will not have too large a capacity compared to ordinary hard drives but superior. in speed and performance.

It has come to a conclusion, where the more technology develops, the more innovations there are. One of them is a website hosting service with SSD storage media, of course hosting with SSD storage especially the Pure SSD raid 10 server will be much better used in data processing and really helps increase the speed of website site access to be many times faster.

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