What is the Airplane, Bus and Train Ticket Website

Ticket website is nothing but a place to sell tickets or buy tickets online. Like buying airplane tickets, bus tickets and train tickets through the website.

One of the most popular websites in Indonesia is Tiket.com.  

What is Website Ticket, Bus Train

Online Travel Agent Competition is not easy. Just look at some of the giant names competing for the attention of customers to provide and manage systems and facilities for ordering and buying tickets online.

One of the things you may hear often is Tiket.com, which is one of the largest OTA companies in Indonesia.

Let’s see how Tiket.com has implemented marketing techniques and approaches in the digital era.

1. Their Story

Tiket.com offers a wide variety of bookings and tickets. Starting from purchasing airline tickets, trains, car rental, hotels, events, attractions and much more.

To stand out in the competitive online travel market, Tiket.com needs to find new ways to optimize conversions and generate more sales through a digital approach.

2. Their Purpose

Tiket.com has several goals in their digital campaign, one of which is determining the best method to increase conversions and revenue through Facebook Ads.

On the other hand, they also want to know the effectiveness of conversion optimization compared to optimization for clicks on ads.

Gaery Undarsa, Co-founder & Chief Communication Officer of Tiket.com said that previously they had problems analyzing ad campaigns and increasing conversions.

But by focusing more on an ad campaign with the goal of increasing conversions, it’s easier for them to achieve better results.

3. Their Solution

Tiket.com is always looking for new ways to increase the efficiency of online sales and advertising campaigns in a competitive market.

In an effort to increase conversions from their always-on campaign, Tiket.com optimizes its ads for 2 different purposes, namely clicking on their website and checkout to test the effectiveness of both.

For ads that are optimized for clicks, Facebook targets people who are more likely to click as their action. While optimized for direct payments, Facebook targets the people most likely to initiate a payment that has a strong indicator of actual sales.

For both purposes, Tiket.com uses carousel advertisements that show flight promotions offered through beautiful visuals of each travel destination. With a call to action to order now.

Tiket.com then targets both campaigns to their main audience segment, those aged 23 – 45 with interests in travel, vacations and hotels.

The online travel company then implemented Facebook Pixel on its website to accurately track conversion events.

4. Their success

The result? While the cost per click is certainly lower for ads that are only optimized for website clicks, Tiket.com achieves more bookings, and transactions with ads that are optimized for payment events.

With a 3-week Facebook Ads campaign period from February to March 2017, Tiket.com has increased 2.8 times in revenue, 2 times the transactions on the website, 6 times the increase in flight bookings and 41% increase in website traffic. they.

Through their Facebook Ads campaign, Tiket.com can prove that digital advertising can be optimized by direct conversion to sales and not just increasing clicks and traffic. So, are you ready to optimize your business with Facebook Ads?