What is Twitter Ads

Do you know the advantages of Twitter marketing that are currently being carried out by many? Twitter as a free social network is currently widely used by businesses to carry out online marketing actions.

Not only small companies use Twitter accounts as a promotional tool, currently various large companies in the world also use Twitter as their way of doing cyber marketing.

What is Twitter Ads

At this time the trend of virtual business is a necessity given the tendency of people to use internet technology to experience addiction and feel more comfortable doing things with the internet, including in terms of business transactions.

Everyone who has internet access, a computer, laptop, gadget or smart phone must know social media called Twitter, social media which is famous for the blue bird icon is another social media site besides Facebook that is most frequently accessed by internet users in all parts of the world. .

Using Twitter, internet users can establish communication and friendship with other internet users who can happen to be your old friends or new friends you know without having problems with location and time.

But did you know that Twitter can be used as one of the best marketing media? Have you ever seen a celebrity’s tweet that has become a trending topic on Twitter and seen by thousands or even millions of people?

Can you imagine that a tweet is a Tweet ad that contains a promotion about your business brand or product? , of course it will have a big impact on the development of your business and make your business brand famous.

It proves that you can use social media with the following systems to take your business to the next level.

For those of you who are interested in using Twitter ads as a marketing tool for your business, here are some steps you can use to start using Twitter as your marketing medium:

Present your business

Your Twitter account is a space for you to best describe your business brand and products for your community or followers.

In order to create a Twitter account, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. Name Twitter

Choosing a name can be said to be very important in doing business using Twitter, it determines how easy it is for your business or company to find it in a Twitter search.

In using names, you can use your personal name or the brand name of your business company. The thing you need to pay attention to is, you should avoid punctuation in your business Twitter name to make the search process easier.

2. Profile picture

It is recommended that you use an image of your company or business logo as your profile photo. As for photos, timelines and supporting backgrounds, you can use photos that tell your business or the products you sell.

Benefits of Twitter For Promotion Means

There are many advantages to Twitter marketing that a person can run, for the sake of clarity, here are some explanations of what benefits you will get by marketing through your Twitter account:

1. Easy and simple

Just by making a simple 140 character long tweet, you can already put your marketing efforts into the people you connect with.

2. Free

The definite advantage of Twitter marketing is that it’s free. You can use your Twitter account as a promotional medium without having to pay a single rupiah.

3. Can be done anytime, anywhere

Easy access to Twitter via cellular facilities makes this technology easily accessible, anytime and anywhere. You can carry out your marketing actions without the hassle of setting up various facilities. In fact, every second you have the opportunity to make a promotion.

4. Have a large enough user

The number of Twitter users is increasing all the time, therefore it is a very potential market for those who want to do business in cyberspace.

5. More efficient and effective

Marketing using Twitter is more efficient and effective, especially if you already have a clear and specific market map. Here are some of the benefits of Twitter marketing that are good reasons for you to give it a try.

There are many more Twitter marketing benefits that you can get by using Twitter as a means of running an online business.

what is twitter ads

Building a Business Foundation with Twitter

To use Twitter as a marketing tool, you must make the most of Twitter’s features. The following are some of the features you should have in your business Twitter setup:

  • Location
  • Website
  • Biography (bio)

When you have started a business using Twitter, you can start following people who are your prospects who can become your customers, but you have to be more selective in following them.

You have to watch what the people you want to follow tweet.

Here are the categories of people you should follow in doing business using Twitter:

  • Business partner partners
  • Consumer
  • Your business competitors
  • Trade organization
  • Your business is run by your relatives

Make smart tweets

You have to be a smart Twitter user, pay attention to the words you use. You are strongly advised to speak a little more formally in tweeting about promoting your brand or answering your customers’ questions.

Tips on How to Increase the Number of Followers

One of the most important things on various social media platforms is followers. Social media Twitter is no exception, which is now one of the most used social media platforms as it is able to offer several conveniences compared to other platforms.

However, what is usually the main problem is the number of followers that tends to be small. Twitter’s fame can be seen from the number of followers. No wonder there are so many ways to increase Twitter followers to increase the number of followers.

Well, if you still have a Twitter account with a small number of followers, it doesn’t hurt to try the following ways.

There are several ways to increase followers for Twitter users, which are very easy to implement including:

1. Follower Increase Application

There is an easy and practical way to increase Twitter followers by using a follower booster app. This method isn’t a great way to increase followers organically, but if you prioritize speed, it’s an option.

There are various advantages of an application like this being able to unfollow or follow a large number. Not only that, you can create a tweet publishing schedule so it’s easier to manage.

However, there are requirements that you must fulfill if you want to use an application like this, including when you log into your personal account, press the register button then select the authorization option and fill in the registration data then click the register button.

2. Post Useful Twits

Another way to increase Twitter followers is by posting useful tweets. There are several types of tweets ranging from motivational words, the latest news information, to funny words.

Don’t forget to use hashtags to view tweet keywords so that they are read more by other Twitter users.

Use an interesting picture or video. Image or video content tends to be more effective than tweets in words.

3. Post Social Pop Ups on Website Blogs

If you have a personal website or blog then use it as a medium to increase the number of followers. From this way one is practical and easy because there is no need to do the following again.

When there are new visitors on your website or blog, requests such as a fanpage from your Facebook or Twitter account will automatically appear, so users can follow your account.

4. Promotion Using Twiter Ads Campaign

There are still other ways to add Twitter followers, namely by promoting your account on Twitter.

But in this way you have to spend capital to get followers, but there is nothing wrong if your Twitter account is used as a medium for business advertising.

Thus the discussion about what Twitter ads are and the explanation.

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