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What is Website Maintenance

The longer the amount of content on the internet has increased, and in March 2020 the Google search engine market share reached 91.98%, the rest was filled with search engines, bing, yahoo, yandex and others.

This makes Google the largest search engine in the world and google is constantly updating its search algorithm to ensure only high quality websites can appear on the search engine homepage.

The more quality the website will occupy the start page and even the first rank of search results. For websites that have good quality content and technically appear to meet the requirements, the website is called an SEO Optimized or Google Friendly website.

The website maintenance or website maintenance stage is usually carried out after the website is designed to ensure the website always works normally.

Website Maintenance Services are intended for institutions or companies that do not have a Special Staff for Website Maintenance and also for individuals or institutions who do not have special abilities in carrying out website maintenance and maintenance.

The Web Developer will offer Website Maintenance Services. If the company does not use the website maintenance services provided by the web developer, then the company only needs to pay for the extension of the specified hosting package and domain.

Another purpose of creating a website is as a medium for conveying information, even though the main purpose is to get customers to buy products or use the services offered.

However, if the information on your company website is good, then the customer will often visit your website and maybe even that customer will also invite relatives, friends, and people around them to come to visit your website.

So that the information must always be updated and an attractive appearance will be the main attraction to make your website have a large number of visitors.

According to the latest data, social media users are the most in the world with around 1,490 million users, followed by QQ, Whatsapp, Facebook Massager, etc. That means your company really needs to have a social media account, especially Facebook.

Because through this social media your company can greet its customers directly. And vice versa, customers can also send comments, suggestions and feedback in the use of products or services from your company.

What is Website Maintenance or Website Maintenance?

Institutions or Companies that do not use website maintenance services from their web developers must maintain their own website.

Companies have to pay specialized staff who can work on technical web servers, mail servers, coding, and web design for marketing. Also, from experience, the staff is definitely less competent than the web developers who are really their focus in that area.

Why does a website need to be maintained? The website that has been published will work 24 hours a day and continue to be accessed by visitors from all over the world, ranging from tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of visitors every day.

This website also consists of large files and databases. Website files placed on the server require a lot of access rights so it takes a lot of time, don’t be surprised if one time the website is difficult to access, takes long to load, files cannot be found, was hacked by irresponsible people.

For this reason website maintenance is required to perform maintenance, maintenance and repairs to ensure all website files function as intended.

Website Maintenance Reasons

The reason a website needs maintenance is so that the website doesn’t get an error when accessed. Below are some reasons why you need to maintain your website so that the target can be achieved optimally, including:

1. Search Engines are selective in displaying each search result

Only high quality websites can appear on the first page of a search engine. The more quality content and SEO, the website will occupy the first page even in the order of 1-3 search results. A website that has good quality content and is also technically friendly and easily accessible is also called Google Friendly or SEO Friendly.

2. Maintenance of social media accounts

According to the latest data, Facebook is the most social media user in the world, followed by Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook Massager, etc. That means your company really needs to have a social media account, especially Facebook.

Because through this social media your company can greet its customers directly. And vice versa, customers can also send comments, suggestions and feedback in the use of products or services from your company.

3. Industry needs to rapidly change the appearance and function of websites

Here a website can be likened to a company front office or an offline store which functions to convey if there are changes in services or to convey the latest information related to company products and services to customers, and this can be done quickly considering the ability of the website to do when only.

4. Virus and hacker attacks on websites are increasing.

A data shows that virus and hacker attacks on websites have increased every year by having various modes. Starting from fad to make the system on the website paralyzed.

In 2013 alone, about 40 million attacks from hackers were identified in the world. With this, the website owner really needs to take care so that when a virus or hacker is detected in the website system, it can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Don’t let the existence of viruses and hackers go unnoticed so that over time it will paralyze the system on the website without you even knowing the hackers have stolen data from your company for negative purposes.

5. Hosting that also requires maintenance

Like any electronic device you have, hosting also requires supervision and maintenance. Because every visitor activity on the website can cause hosting to require very large CPU usage, so it can make your website pages slow to load, or more dangerous you may be subject to a unilateral suspension from the hosting service provider for violating the TOS (Terms of Service) rules ).

Website Maintenance Process

As explained above, the main purpose of website maintenance is to keep the website up and running as it should.

For this reason, periodic website maintenance actions or activities are required which include:

  1. Periodic Backup of Data (web files and database servers) So that if things go wrong, they can be recovered immediately.
  2. Always optimize website files so that the website always appears normally.
  3. Always check the website URL in the Google SERP for no error pages when publishing to search engines.
  4. Webhosting monitoring, maintenance, program analysis, awstat, bandwidth monitoring, space monitoring, etc.
  5. Thorough check and repair of secure web files not hacked, virus or malware.
  6. Ping service regularly for search engines.
  7. Enter and update data regularly so that the website is always good in search engines.

Source : Apa itu Maintenance Website