What is Woocommerce and What Is It Explained

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin for e-commerce that was created in 2008. Until now WooComerce continues to grow and has been downloaded around 51,133,429. WooCommerce has dominated 28% of online stores in the world. With WooCommerce, you can freely download, customize, and design your online store the way you want. You only need to think about the content, enter the product, price and payment method. For developers, you can modify the WooCommerce script as it is open source.

The advantages of WooCommerce for online stores are:

– Modular. So, you can still install other WordPress plugins.

– Has communities around the world

– Made with the concept of WordPress, so it’s easier to understand

– More than 400 official extensions for payment, marketing and delivery of goods

– Supported REST API

– Has a lot of documentation

– Has many themes and extras

– Has product ratings and review features

– Currency, language and units of measurement such as cm, inch, kg

– Product sorting and filtering features

– Unlimited images and products

– SEO support, coupons, the same product

– There is a sales report / report feature

– Multilingual support

WooCommerce Shipping

So, usually local delivery is a problem when using plugins. But don’t worry, for WooCommerce users there are shipping plugins using local couriers such as JNE. You can use the WooCommerce JNE Shipping plugin to take care of shipping goods. Quoted from wordpress.org, WooCommerce JNE Shipping integrates shipping costs with total consumer spending at checkout. There is a free version, a paid version, and an exclusive version for your online shop needs. Its features are

– JNE delivery costs Okay, Reg and YES

– JNE city data from your delivery city bases throughout Indonesia

– Insurance feature

– Free Shipping feature

– Additional Cost Feature for Packing

– Postage Calculation Feature on the Basket Page

WooCommerce can integrate with almost any technology brand in the world such as Zapier, Freshworks, Xero, DHL Shipping, Square Payments, PayPal and various other big companies. In Indonesia, WooCommerce itself is connected with various national couriers such as JNE, Tiki, POS, Ninja Xpress, J&T, Wahana, etc. As for payment gateways, many developers in Indonesia already provide special integrations such as:

  1. Midtrans – Integration with WooCommerce for payment gateways via GoPay, Virtual Accounts, Credit Cards, Alfamart, Indomaret, etc.
  2. Xendit – Just like Midtrans, except they make integration with OVO
  3. Cekmutan.co.id – Create an online store built with WooCommerce that can automatically transfer payments like in popular Traveloka / marketplace.
  4. Moota.co – It works the same way as CekmUT.co.id
  5. And much more that you can googling yourself.

Reasons to choose WooCommerce

1 because everyone else is doing it?

ІThat’s right, that’s the worst excuse there is, and I could hear it. My mom asked me if I wanted to jump off the cliff just because “everyone else is doing it”. And if for that I can say no, I know that I have done a lot in my life simply because I believe in what other people think (or what they do). While some people give it an important title to “built with”, the thing to be concerned about isn’t pure numbers, but it changes over time. WooCommerce continues to grow dramatically. Currently, nearly 42% of online stores use WooCommerce, and that’s not a danger.

2 Developer easy to find

The growth rate of WooCommerce is such that nowadays many people have experience in creating a store with WooCommerce, we all don’t have the same experience. This does not mean the same as other eCommerce plugins for WordPress, or even for other open source solutions. At Upwork, for example, when you are looking for people who have had more than 100 hours of Volusion experience over the past 6 months, the number of independent developers available is 450.The same criteria on WooCommerce give you more than 3000.

3 Developer easy to find

When you are looking for a developer with more experience (over 1000 hours) currently active in WooCommerce work, you will find thousands of developers available. Depending on the filter you use, you’ll find 2 in 3 times more WooCommerce experts than Volusion or Bіg Commerce.

4 All integration offered by WooCommerce

When you start looking at every eCommerce platform out there, and decide to consider whether it makes sense to choose WooCommerce, you will find that everyone is using it. Everyone has created a payment gateway for WooCommerce. Everyone has done it (because of the numbers above) to sell their product on WooCommerce. That is the benefit of being a big player in the market. But it’s not just integration. Іnі is also about features. Features that you can choose to add or not to add, depending on your site’s needs. The total number of extensions available for WooCommerce is difficult to count but this figure is much larger than the other available solutions.

What about the self-hosted platform?

Of course, you can use this solution. It’s ridiculous not to look at platforms like Shopіfy or Bіg Commerce. Shopіfy has 70 payment gateways. Wholesaler has about half that. If the payment gateways are yours, and they have what you need, then you are still. Otherwise, you can rely on WooCommerce and the more than 140 payment gateways available. Search engine optimization (SEO) is another thing that needs to be considered when looking at the hosted platform. While the benefits can potentially be speed and performance (especially if you are using a underperforming WordPress hosting service), the ability to actually function optimally can be limited, depending on the host platform you will be using.And not all of them offer a variety of options that WooCommerce will suit you.