White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO vs Gray Hat SEO

In the world of website SEO, most of us are familiar with 2 SEO techniques, namely Onpage and Offpage SEO, but often forget specific strategies in improving the quality of a site. Naturally, website SEO optimization is indeed capable of making sites easy to find in search engine searches so as to generate high rankings and traffic. On the other hand, it turns out that the special strategy is divided into 3 types, namely   White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO Techniques . This is the most important factor in boosting a site’s position on search engines. To begin with, let’s first find out what each type of SEO is.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO vs Gray Hat SEO

White Hat SEO Technique!

White Hat SEO technique is a good and correct SEO optimization technique so that it does not violate the rules (Term Of Service) set by a search engine. So if you want to get maximum results, it is highly recommended to apply White Hat SEO in order to get the highest ranking.

In the past, this seo technique had several purposes, one of which was increasing the blog page rank. However, with the development of search engine algorithms, especially Google, the evaluation of a site through page rank has been eliminated and changed to Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). This means that the higher the DA and PA scores, the better the ranking of sites in the SERP position, even though it is not always the strongest benchmark.

Apart from all that, SEO experts also think the importance of doing the White hat technique because it is the safest than other SEO techniques. The parts included in it are the types of Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO. In general, Onpage can be defined as the optimization of a site through the internal factors of the website, while Offpage is the optimization of the site through outside the site or in this case commonly referred to as backlinks. The following is a detailed review.

1. Optimization of content

Generally, a blogger or siter will know if content optimization is needed to provide useful articles for readers. Therefore the quantity and quality of content will be of particular concern, especially if you want to optimize based on onpage SEO techniques.

2. Keyword optimization

Performing keyword optimization is also a safe white hat technique, but there are certain rules when we want to target a keyword . We recommend that the keyword density in one content does not exceed 3.5% or 5%. For example, when creating article content of 500 words, the number of keywords (keywords) is not more than 5 sentences (written randomly at the beginning, middle or end of a paragraph).

3. Maximizing the template

Who says templates have no effect on website SEO? It turns out that the choice of SEO friendly and responsive templates greatly affects search engine ratings. More than that, adjusting the CSS to optimization of blog loading (light weight) is also a positive value and even search engines naturally like it.

4. Meta tags are systematic

Installing meta tags also helps spider robots to read all the markup code right away. So place the main title in a clear position as under the head. On the other hand, elements such as meta descriptions, meta keywords, Alt tags (keywords in the image), title tags, links containing keywords and H1-H6 elements should be applied from the very beginning of creating a site.

5. Organized backlinks

Looking for backlinks is not just random and in order to work properly based on white hat techniques, so look for quality backlinks. The point here is to sort out the composition of backlinks starting from high DA-PA, dofollow-follow or in the same direction (relevant) to the discussion of content on the site.

white hat seo vs black hat seo vs gray hat seo

Teknik Black Hat SEO !

Black Hat SEO technique is an optimization technique to get the highest ranking in search engines illegally or fraudulently. Depicted with a black hat logo mascot, it is clear that this technique is not recommended as it puts a huge risk to a site’s deindex storm. Indeed, the effect is very fast and even the results are promising, but in the long run it has a bad impact so that the site’s ranking in search engines can immediately decrease drastically until it finally gets banned or disappears completely from the Google SERP.

However tricking search engines through the use of hidden text, fake pages, excessive keyword density etc. is highly discouraged even though it has the exact same goal as the White hat technique. The following are among the Black Hat SEO techniques that are still developing today.

1. Keyword Stuffing

Is the application of an excessive keyword in a particular article or blog. Maybe we’ve found blogs like this in the Google SERP position but in the future we won’t see them again because they do keyword stuffing over and over again until it’s unnatural and exposed to Google’s indexing.

2. Link Farming

Is one technique of collecting links to one blog page only. This means that one page of the blog or site purely contains a list of links that number in the hundreds to thousands and there is no discussion of specific content or topics. So this technique can be categorized as Black hat SEO.

3. Title repetition

Repeating the title on a blog or website is not recommended considering this step is arguably a Black hat SEO technique. For example, when we make the title “Writing Techniques” then in the article post there are several writing technique words up to tens so that they are negative in the eyes of search engines.

4. Invisible Text

Namely whitening certain sentences in the article or deliberately combining the background color and the color of a keyword (keyword). So this technique is illegal which makes a keyword invisible to the readers. So it is very clear that invisible text falls into the Black hat SEO category.

5. Scraper Pages

Generally, the scraper page technique always uses special software to generate content and then repost it on a blog page or website. Simply put, a site that is used as a source will become a victim of copying & pasting an open source article until it reprocesses the article and then a third party without difficulty republishing it. Of course this technique is completely illegal because it takes other people’s content without the permission of the owner.

6. Cloaked Pages (Doorway)

is a particular feature embedded in the template whose main function is to be able to manipulate web pages or websites. So when visitors search for related content and find that the site only contains keyword links, it is clear that the owner uses cloaked pages.

Gray Hat SEO Techniques!

Gray Hat SEO Technique is a gray SEO technique, in other words combining the two previous techniques between White hat and Black hat plus illegal techniques such as cloaking, paid links, and duplicate content. It is undeniable that the power in optimizing a site cannot be directly evaluated negatively by search engines because the assessment is based on non-human robots.

Actually, the Gray hat technique is still safe to apply, but it does not rule out the possibility that in the end this technique will be discovered by search engines and as a result a site or website is permanently deindexed. So it is not the best solution if you want to win the competition in the SERP position.


Such is the type of SEO strategy. Of the three, which would you choose? Of course, White hat SEO techniques should be the first choice in order to rule out Black hat and Gray hat techniques because they almost certainly have a bad impact on sites where it’s just a matter of time.

Hopefully the presence of the explanation above can help you get to know more about SEO (search engine optimization) in depth and make the right and good decisions for your website.

Source : White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO vs Gray Hat SEO