Without backlinks, don’t expect the web to go up, really?

Are backlinks still important is a question people have started asking since 2012, and until now the answer is STILL IMPORTANT…. However, the portion of backlinks in ranking today has decreased. So the exact answer is still important but not as important as it used to be, and it really depends on the condition of your website. So what you need to know right now is whether backlinks are still important to you or not. Before you start, you must understand that what matters most in the world of SEO is Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT for short). A website that manages to gain recognition for expertise, authority, trust in a field, the website will easily win keywords in that field.

Expertise means that you have the knowledge needed for the niche you are managing. You understand the ins and outs of getting the best out of that niche. Authority means that your knowledge is recognized by all who need nichhe. This includes gaining recognition from your own competitors. Trust means you get not only recognition for your knowledge, but also for your integrity and credibility as a website owner. You will not get the best out of the online world even if your knowledge is widely recognized, if the internet knows you as someone who likes to take unkindly advantage of others.

Without Backlinks, Don’t Expect The Web To Go Up, Really?

Backlinks are one of the factors that Google uses to determine how easily your website is recognized in a particular niche. Apart from backlinks, there are a number of other factors that greatly influence the Google EAT ranking for your website. Some of them are:

  • A large number of pages are indexed, and includes a very diverse discussion on a niche market. This shows that we are very familiar with all aspects of the niche.
  • The content is of good quality and provides solutions to visitor needs, as people who are impressed by our writing will make our website a mandatory reference in a niche market.
  • Website performance that makes visitors comfortable, because this will give a professional impression in managing the website
  • Supporting features, to make it easier for visitors to find the required information such as filters and content search systems, and
  • Backlinks that indicate that our website is often referred to by other authors on the internet.

Today there are many websites that have achieved a high EAT position even though they have minimal backlinks, because there are tens of thousands of pages indexed, and all of them are unique and of good quality, visitors are satisfied and comfortable with the condition of their website.

So if your goal is only to achieve the best ranking on the first page of Google, then you can do with 3 options, namely:

  1. Create a website with very comprehensive articles and a number of very high quality posts
  2. Creating a website with material that is highly relevant to your targeted keywords, even if only a dozen pages are indexed, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you can get lots of quality backlinks.
  3. Balance between the two, where you create articles that are of sufficient quality (although not as many as the first point), and get enough quality backlinks (although not as many as the second point).

The suggestions on this page also serve to make sure your website is highly relevant to these keywords, because basically backlinks can only help improve rankings if the page is very relevant. Conclusion: Backlinks are still very useful for increasing rankings, but they only function well on relevant and well-managed websites.

Source : Tanpa Backlink, Jangan Harap Web Bisa Naik, Benarkah?